BirthdayDecember 0, 1911
BirthplaceSurat, India

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  1. About Zubeida

    Full name: Zubeida
    Also known as: Zubeida, Zubeida (actress)
    Professions: Actress, Music Department

  2. Zubeida Death information

    Died: Friday, 1st of January, 1988 (Age: 77)

  3. Zubeida Biography

    For the 2001 film, see Zubeidaa. For the Indian actress on which it is based, see Zubeida Begum.Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir (Urdu: ???? ?) (1911-1988) was an Indian film actress and an Indian Princess. She acted in the first Indian talkie movie Alam Ara (1931). Her credits include early hits Devdas (1937), and Sagar Movietone's first talkie, Meri Jaan.In the presence of seasoned actors like Prithviraj Kapoor and Master Vithal, Zubeida blossomed and wowed everyone with her singing, dancing and her speech and became one of Indian cinema's earliest superstars. Her mother, Fatima Begum, India's first woman film director and a superstar of the silent movie era in her own right directed her daughter Zubeida in films and even acted alongside her. This remarkable partnership prepared the ground for Zubeida's remarkable transition from the very different form and stylistics of silent movies to that of talking movies. Her role in Indian cinema's first talkie, Alam Ara, brought to the fore her incredible talent and instantly launched her into superstardom and fame in India and among the already established film industry in Europe and America where she had many friends and admirers. She would later fall in love with and marry an Indian Maharaja and eventually gave up her acting career when she was at the very height of her profession.She was among the few girls who entered films at the age of 12 in a time when it was not considered an appropriate profession for girls from respectable families, let alone Royalty. Born in Surat city of Gujarat in western India, Zubeida was a stunningly beautiful Muslim princess, the daughter of Nawab Sidi Ibrahim Muhammad Yakut Khan III of Sachin and Fatima Begum. She had two sisters, Sultana and Shehzadi, both actresses.

  4. Zubeida Family

    Spouse: Maharaj Narsingir Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur
    Childrens: Humayun Dhanrajgir Dhurreshwar Dhanrajgir, Dhurreshwar Dhanrajgir, Humayun Dhanrajgir

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