BirthdayJuly 2, 1978
BirthplaceLodi, USA

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  1. About Zeke Pinheiro

    Full name: Zeke Pinheiro
    Professions: Editor, Director, Writer

  2. Zeke Pinheiro Known for

    Fun Size Horror: Volume One (2015), Fun Size Horror: Volume Two (2015), The Pom Pom Massacre (2015), The Price (2011)

  3. Zeke Pinheiro Biography

    Zeke grew up in the small town of Lodi California, a place known for its invention of the wine cooler. Being from a people who clearly like to make bad decisions, he decided to start making movies at the age of 9. From then on his birthday parties became small productions involving his writing a script, his mom renting a VHS Camcorder from the ...

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