BirthdayDecember 0, 1970

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  1. About Zainab Salbi

    Full name: Zainab Salbi
    Also known as: Zainab Salbi, Salbi, Zainab
    Education: London School of Economics
    Professions: Iraqi-American writer and activist
    Nationality: Iraqi
    Occupation: Founder and Former CEO of Women for Women International

  2. Zainab Salbi Known for

    Extraordinary Minds: Zainab Salbi (2011), Women, War & Peace (2011), Charlie Rose (1991), Fareed Zakaria GPS (2008)

  3. Zainab Salbi Biography

    Zainab Salbi (born 1969) is an Iraqi American author, women's rights activist, filmmaker, humanitarian and social entrepreneur who is founder and former CEO (1993-2011) of Washington-based Women for Women International.

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