BirthdayFebruary 14, 1975
BirthplaceQueens, USA

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  1. About Yul Kwon

    Full name: Yul Kwon
    Also known as: Yul Kwon, Kwon, Yul
    Education: Yale Law School
    Professions: Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands
    Nationality: USA
    Work: Title of Sole Survivor
    Occupation: Television host, lawyer, and management consultant

  2. Yul Kwon Known for

    Survivor: Cook Islands winner

  3. Yul Kwon Biography

    Yul Kwon (born February 14, 1975) is a Korean-American television host and former government official, lawyer, and management consultant based in Virginia. He first gained national recognition as the winner of the reality TV show Survivor: Cook Islands in 2006. He is currently hosting the TV series America Revealed on PBS as well as LinkAsia on Link TV.

  4. Yul Kwon Family

    Spouse: Sophie Tan
    Childrens: Genevie

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