BirthdayMay 11, 1930
BirthplaceHavana, Cuba

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  1. About Xiomara Alfaro

    Full name: Xiomara Alfaro
    Also known as: Xiomara Alfaro, Alfaro, Xiomara
    Professions: Actress

  2. Xiomara Alfaro Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesXiomara Alfaro (May 11, 1930 Havana) is a Cuban coloratura soprano. Her interpretation of Cuban composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona's Siboney was the composer's favorite. She was a star of the Cuban music scene of the 1950s. She became famous as a singer of bolero music in part due to the way she sang them with her soprano voice. She was known as El RuiseƱor de la Cancion (The Nightingale of Music) and as La Alondra de la Cancion (The Lark of Music).

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