BirthdayAugust 5, 1970
BirthplaceRichmond, USA

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  1. About Xeni Jardin

    Full name: Xeni Jardin
    Also known as: Xeni Jardin, Jardin, Xeni
    Professions: Journalist
    Occupation: Journalist, digital media commentator, weblogger, co-editor, technology news commentator

  2. Xeni Jardin Biography

    Xeni Jardin (/ˈʃɛni ʒɑrˈdæn/ SHEN-ee zhar-DAN; b. 1970) is an American weblogger, digital media commentator, and tech culture journalist. She is known for her position as co-editor of the collaborative weblog Boing Boing, as a contributor to Wired magazine and Wired News, and as a correspondent for the National Public Radio show Day to Day. She has also worked as a guest technology news commentator for television networks such as PBS NewsHour, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and ABC.

  3. Xeni Jardin Family

    Parents: Monica Rumsey

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