BirthdayMay 19, 1922

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  1. About Wynn Handman

    Full name: Wynn Handman
    Also known as: Wynn Handman, Handman, Wynn
    Professions: American theatre director
    Occupation: Teacher, director, producer

  2. Wynn Handman Biography

    Wynn Handman, (born May 19, 1922) is the Artistic Director of The American Place Theatre, which he co-founded with Sidney Lanier and Michael Tolan in 1963. His role in the theatre has been to seek out, encourage, train, and present new and exciting writing and acting talent and to develop and produce new plays by living American writers. In addition, he has initiated several Arts Education Programs, such as Literature to Life. Handman grew up in the Inwood neighborhood in Upper Manhattan.

  3. Wynn Handman Family

    Spouse: Barbara Ann Schlein
    Childrens: Laura Ickes, Liza Handman

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