BirthdayJanuary 1, 1927

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  1. About Witold Pyrkosz

    Full name: Witold Pyrkosz
    Also known as: Witold Pyrkosz, Pyrkosz, Witold
    Professions: Polish actor

  2. Witold Pyrkosz Known for

    M jak milosc (2000), Vabank (1981), Vabank II czyli riposta (1985), The Constant Factor (1980)

  3. Witold Pyrkosz Biography

    Witold Pyrkosz (born 24 December 1926 in Krasnystaw) - is a Polish actor. He is best known as Lucjan Mostowiak in a very popular Polish TV series "M jak mi?o??", as Pyzdra in "Janosik", as Wichura in "Czterej pancerni i pies" and as Balcerek in "Alternatywy 4". His official birth certificate says that he was born on 1 January 1927 in Lwów; however, he stated that this was done purposely: the date was changed to delay his compulsory conscription for a year, while his mother registered his birthplace as Lwów because it "sounded more regal".

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