BirthdayJuly 14, 1928
BirthplaceBristol, UK

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  1. About William Rees-Mogg

    Full name: William Rees-Mogg
    Also known as: William Rees-Mogg, The Lord Rees-Mogg, Rees-Mogg, William
    Education: Balliol College, Oxford
    Professions: British journalist
    Work: Chair of the Arts Council of Great Britain

  2. William Rees-Mogg Death information

    Died: Saturday, 29th of December, 2012 (Age: 84)

  3. William Rees-Mogg Biography

    William Rees-Mogg, Baron Rees-Mogg (14 July 1928 – 29 December 2012) was an English journalist and public servant. He served as editor of The Times (1967–81), chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, and vice-chairman of the BBC.

  4. William Rees-Mogg Family

    Spouse: Gillian Morris

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