BirthdayMay 16, 1933
BirthplaceWinnipeg, Canada

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  1. About William Osler

    Full name: William Osler
    Also known as: William Osler, Osler, William, Sir William Osler, Bt
    Education: McGill University
    Professions: pathologist, physician, educator, bibliophile, historian, author, cofounder of Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Residence: United Kingdom

  2. William Osler Known for

    The Girl in Blue (1973), When Michael Calls (1972), The Starlost (1973), The Clown Murders (1976)

  3. William Osler Death information

    Died: Monday, 29th of December, 1919 (Age: 13)

  4. William Osler Biography

    Sir William Osler, 1st Baronet (/??z.l?/, July 12, 1849 – December 29, 1919) was a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Osler created the first residency program for specialty training of physicians, and he was the first to bring medical students out of the lecture hall for bedside clinical training. He has frequently been described as the "Father of Modern Medicine". Osler was a person of many interests, who in addition to being a physician, was a bibliophile, historian, author, and renowned practical joker.

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