BirthdayJanuary 12, 1952
BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA

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  1. About Walter Mosley

    Full name: Walter Mosley
    Also known as: Walter Mosley, Mosley, Walter
    Professions: Writer, Producer, Actor
    Residence: New York

  2. Walter Mosley Known for

    Always Outnumbered (1998), Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), The Middle Passage (2000), The Right Mistake

  3. Walter Mosley Biography

    Walter Ellis Mosley (born January 12, 1952) is an American novelist, most widely recognized for his crime fiction. He has written a series of best-selling historical mysteries featuring the hard-boiled detective Easy Rawlins, a black private investigator and World War II veteran living in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles; they are perhaps his most popular works.

  4. Walter Mosley Family

    Spouse: Joy Kellman

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