BirthdayMay 5, 1984

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  1. About Wade MacNeil

    Full name: Wade MacNeil
    Also known as: Wade MacNeil, Macneil, Wade, Wade Macneil
    Professions: Canadian musician
    Occupation: Musician, guitarist, singer, songwriterradio DJ

  2. Wade MacNeil Biography

    Wade MacNeil (born May 5, 1984 in Hamilton, Ontario) is a Canadian musician currently active as the singer of the English hardcore band Gallows, and the singer/guitarist/founder of the Canadian punk band Black Lungs. He is also one of the former guitarists, singers and founding members of the Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire.MacNeil is featured as a guest singer on the Bedouin Soundclash album Street Gospels, the Cancer Bats album Hail Destroyer, the Johnny Truant album No Tears for the Creatures, and the Anti-Flag album The People or the Gun. He also appeared in Cancer Bats' video for "Deathsmarch", the song for which he contributed vocals.

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