BirthdayDecember 18, 1951
BirthplaceGießen, Germany

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  1. About Volker Bouffier

    Full name: Volker Bouffier
    Also known as: Volker Bouffier, Bouffier, Volker
    Professions: German politician
    Religion: Lutheranism

  2. Volker Bouffier Biography

    Volker Bouffier (b. 18 December 1951 in Gießen) is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union. Since 31 August 2010 he is the Minister-president of the German state of Hesse. Additionally, he has been the chairman of Hesse's CDU since July 2010. From 1999 to 2010, he was minister of interior and sports in the state of Hesse.

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