BirthdaySeptember 11, 1859

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  1. About Vjenceslav Novak

    Full name: Vjenceslav Novak
    Also known as: Vjenceslav Novak, Novak, Vjenceslav
    Professions: Croatian writer

  2. Vjenceslav Novak Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 20th of September, 1905 (Age: 46)

  3. Vjenceslav Novak Biography

    Vjenceslav Novak (Senj September 11, 1859 - Zagreb September 20, 1905) was a Croatian Realist writer and dramatist.He was born into an emigrant Czech family, of which his mother was from an emigrant Bavarian family. He was the most successful Croatian realist writer and was known as the Croatian Balzac. He finished elementary and middle school in Senj and Gospi?. He also worked as a teacher in Senj for some time.He entered into literature in 1881 with the narrative Maca. He wrote seven novels. He published thirty narratives. Apart from stories he also wrote poetry, Feuilleton, dramatic works, reviews, critiques and musical arrangements.He had a large family, suffered from tuberculosis, fought poverty, and during this period of his life was an ordinary writer of that time. He was a novelist, narrator, critic and translator and worked right up until his death in 1905. He started out as a Romantic story-teller and ended as a writer of modern psychological poetry with occult themes.

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