BirthdayJuly 17, 1884
BirthplaceLondon, UK

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  1. About Viola Tree

    Full name: Viola Tree
    Also known as: Viola Tree, Tree, Viola
    Professions: British actor-singer

  2. Viola Tree Known for

    Pygmalion (1938), The Dancers (1925), The Dancers (1930), For the Love of Mike (1932)

  3. Viola Tree Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 15th of November, 1938 (Age: 54)

  4. Viola Tree Biography

    Viola Tree (17 July 1884 – 15 November 1938) was an English actress, singer, playwright and author. Daughter of the actor Herbert Beerbohm Tree, she made many of her early appearances with his company at His Majesty's Theatre. Later she appeared in opera, variety, straight theatre and film.

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