BirthdayOctober 23, 1920
BirthplaceMcAlister, USA

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  1. About Vern Stephens

    Full name: Vern Stephens
    Also known as: Vern Stephens, Stephens, Vern
    Professions: American baseball player

  2. Vern Stephens Death information

    Died: Sunday, 3rd of November, 1968 (Age: 48)

  3. Vern Stephens Biography

    Vernon Decatur Stephens (October 23, 1920 – November 3, 1968) was an American shortstop in professional baseball who played 15 seasons in the American League for four different teams. A native of McAlister, New Mexico, Stephens batted and threw right-handed. He was also nicknamed "Pop-up Stephens", "Junior", and "Buster".

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