BirthdayDecember 1, 1955

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  1. About Veikko Aaltonen

    Full name: Veikko Aaltonen
    Also known as: Aaltonen, Veikko, Veikko Aaltonen
    Professions: Finnish director, editor, sound editor and production manager
    Nationality: Finnish
    Occupation: Director, editor, sound editor, production manager, film and television writer and actor

  2. Veikko Aaltonen Known for

    Trench Road (2004), Mother of Mine (2005), Our Father... (1993), The Shepherds (2005)

  3. Veikko Aaltonen Biography

    Veikko Aaltonen (born 1 December 1955 in Sääksmäki, Finland) is a Finnish director, editor, sound editor, production manager and film and television writer and actor.Aaltonen began his career in the middle of the 70s working as a sound editor in various of films. The highpoint of his early career was the co-operation with Rauni Mollberg. He worked as a co-writer in two of his films, Milka (1980) and The Unknown Soldier (1985).In 1987 Aaltonen directed his first feature film Tilinteko that he co-wrote with Aki Kaurismäki, who also produced the film. Five years later he directed a film that has been considered his primary breakthrough, The Prodigal Son (1992).Aaltonen has also made documentaries and directed TV series.

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