BirthdayDecember 4, 1891
BirthplaceBoston, USA

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  1. About Vedah Bertram

    Full name: Vedah Bertram
    Also known as: Vedah Bertram, Bertram, Vedah
    Professions: American actor

  2. Vedah Bertram Death information

    Died: Monday, 26th of August, 1912 (Age: 20)

  3. Vedah Bertram Biography

    Vedah Bertram (December 4, 1891 – August 26, 1912) was a U.S. silent film actress.Vedah Bertram was born in Boston, Massachusetts as Adele Buck into a prominent Boston family . Her father was Jerome Buck, a newspaper publisher. Broncho Billy Anderson saw her picture in a Boston society column and contacted her and asked her to be his leading lady in the series of silent films he was making. Despite opposition by her family she did so, adopting the name Vedah Bertram to help shield her family from scandal. An outdoorsy type anyway, she became an immediate success in pictures as Broncho Billy's romantic lead, and by the beginning of 1912 had a huge following.In August 1912, however, she was admitted into an Oakland hospital with stomach pains and died on August 26 of acute appendicitis. She was one of the first acknowledged movie stars to be mourned by the public.

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