BirthdayApril 28, 1987
BirthplaceBraunfels, Germany

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  1. About Vanessa Jean Dedmon

    Full name: Vanessa Jean Dedmon
    Also known as: Vanessa Jean Dedmon, Dedmon, Vanessa Jean
    Professions: German singer

  2. Vanessa Jean Dedmon Measurements

    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

  3. Vanessa Jean Dedmon Biography

    Vanessa Jean Dedmon (born 28 April 1987 in Braunfels, Hesse to Russell and Waltraud Dedmon) was a semifinalist on Germany's third season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (the German Version of Pop Idol) being voted out by the audience in the Top 3 Show. Dedmon was one of the favourites of the jury. As of March 2006, she was going out with former co-competitor Mike Leon Grosch. However as of June 2006, they have broken up. She has 2 older siblings, a brother named Delanzo and a sister named Latascha. Vanessa and Latascha live with their parents in Germany while Delanzo is stationed in Texas as a member of the United States Army. Also a niece named Cheryl and a nephew named Delanzo Jr.In October 2006, her first single "Sonnenschein", a duet with German Hip Hop band Rapsoul, entered the German single charts at #17.

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