BirthdayFebruary 11, 1904
BirthplaceKagawa, Japan

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  1. About Utaemon Ichikawa

    Full name: Utaemon Ichikawa
    Also known as: Utaemon Ichikawa, 市川右太衛門, Ichikawa, Utaemon
    Professions: Japanese actor
    Nationality: Japanese
    Occupation: Film actor

  2. Utaemon Ichikawa Death information

    Died: Thursday, 16th of September, 1999 (Age: 95)

  3. Utaemon Ichikawa Biography

    Utaemon Ichikawa (?? ????, Ichikawa Utaemon, 25 February 1907 – 16 September 1999) was a Japanese film actor famous for starring roles in jidaigeki from the 1920s to the 1960s. Trained in kabuki from childhood, he made his film debut in 1925 at Makino Film Productions under Sh?z? Makino. Quickly gaining popularity, he followed the example of Makino stars such as Tsumasabur? Band? in starting his own independent production company, Utaemon Ichikawa Productions, in 1927. It was there he first began the "Idle Vassal" (Hatamoto taikutsu otoko) series, which would become his signature role. When his company folded in 1936 as sound film came to the fore, he moved to Shink? Kinema and then Daiei Studios before helping form the Toei Company after World War II. He served on the board of directors along with fellow samurai star Chiez? Kataoka. Utaemon appeared in over 300 films during his career. His son, Kin'ya Kita?ji, is also a famous actor in film and television.

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