BirthdayMay 21, 1938
BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

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  1. About Urs Widmer

    Full name: Urs Widmer
    Also known as: Urs Widmer, Widmer, Urs
    Professions: Swiss writer

  2. Urs Widmer Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 2nd of April, 2014 (Age: 75)

  3. Urs Widmer Biography

    Urs Widmer (May 21, 1938 – April 2, 2014) was a Swiss novelist, playwright, an essayist and a short story writer.Widmer was born in Basel in 1938, and for many years lived in Zurich. Widmer studied German, French and history at the universities of Basel and Montpellier. After completing his PhD, he worked briefly as an editor at Suhrkamp Verlag, but left the publishing house during the Lektoren-Aufstand (‘Editors’ Revolt’) of 1968.In 2014, Roman Bucheli, Literary Editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, said that Widmer:"is without doubt one of the most significant and versatile talents currently at work in the field of contemporary German-language literature as well as one of the most successful. His sales are invariably in the high five-figure bracket"

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