BirthdaySeptember 3, 1900
BirthplacePielavesi, Finland

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  1. About Urho Kekkonen

    Full name: Urho Kekkonen
    Also known as: Urho Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Urho
    Education: University of Helsinki
    Professions: Finnish politician, Prime Minister and President
    Nationality: Finnish

  2. Urho Kekkonen Measurements

    Height: 5' 11¼" (1.81 m)

  3. Urho Kekkonen Death information

    Died: Sunday, 31st of August, 1986 (Age: 85)

  4. Urho Kekkonen Biography

    Urho Kaleva Kekkonen (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈurɦo ˈkɑlɛʋɑ ˈkekːonɛn] (13px ); 3 September 1900 – 31 August 1986), was a Finnish politician who served as Prime Minister of Finland (1950–1953, 1954–1956) and later as the eighth and longest-serving President of Finland (1956–1982). Kekkonen continued the “active neutrality” policy of his predecessor President Juho Kusti Paasikivi, a doctrine that came to be known as the “Paasikivi–Kekkonen line”, under which Finland retained its independence while maintaining extensive trade with members of NATO as well as those of the Warsaw Pact.

  5. Urho Kekkonen Family

    Spouse: Sylvi Salome Uino
    Childrens: Matti, Taneli

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