BirthdayAugust 28, 1940
BirthplaceVihti, Finland

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  1. About Uma Aaltonen

    Full name: Uma Aaltonen
    Also known as: Uma Aaltonen, Aaltonen, Uma
    Professions: Finnish author, journalist, and Green League politician

  2. Uma Aaltonen Death information

    Died: Monday, 13th of July, 2009 (Age: 68)

  3. Uma Aaltonen Biography

    Ulla-Maija "Uma" Aaltonen (August 28, 1940, Vihti – July 13, 2009, Helsinki) was a Finnish author, journalist, and Green League politician.She worked in the European Parliament between 2003 and 2004 in Greens-EFA, after fellow Green Party politician Heidi Hautala returned to the Finnish Parliament.

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