BirthdayJune 18, 1946
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

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  1. About Ulla Andersson

    Full name: Ulla Andersson
    Also known as: Ulla Andersson, Andersson, Ulla
    Professions: Actress, Make Up Department
    Nationality: Swedish

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  3. Ulla Andersson Biography

    Ulla Agneta Jones (née Andersson; born 18 June 1946), known professionally as Ulla Andersson and Ulla Jones is a former high fashion model, actress, singer, songwriter and photographer. She appeared on numerous magazine covers during the 1960s, before she retired from the Ford Modelling Agency. She was married to American music producer Quincy Jones, with whom she had two children.After living in California with Jones for several years, she legally separated from him and returned to Sweden with her children. She also calls herself Ulla Andesong (Swedish for spirit song).

  4. Ulla Andersson Family

    Spouse: Quincy Jones( )
    Childrens: Martina Jones

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