BirthdayMarch 11, 1975
BirthplaceSaigon, Vietnam

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  1. About Tri Cao

    Full name: Tri Cao
    Professions: Actor, Assistant Director

  2. Tri Cao Measurements

    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

  3. Tri Cao Known for

    Stryker (2004), Bong of the Dead (2011), Population 436 (2006), Tan Man (2005)

  4. Tri Cao Biography

    He was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was 3 years old. His father's name is Son Van Cao. His mother's name is Ho Thi Cao. His brother's name is Charles Cao. Tri grew up in Winnipeg and has a Microbiology & Human Genetics science degree from the University of Manitoba. Tri was introduced to the film industry ...

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