BirthdayApril 4, 1962
BirthplaceHamilton, Canada

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  1. About Tony Costa

    Full name: Tony Costa
    Also known as: Tony Costa, Costa, Tony
    Professions: Camera Department, Cinematographer, Actor

  2. Tony Costa Known for

    The House of the Spirits (1993), A Esperança Está Onde Menos Se Espera (2009), April Captains (2000), According to Pereira (1995)

  3. Tony Costa Death information

    Died: Sunday, 12th of May, 1974 (Age: 12)

  4. Tony Costa Biography

    Tony Costa was born in Hamilton/Ontario Canada in 1962, son of Portuguese emigrants. At the age of elementary school his parents moved back to their home land. After finishing High School around the 1980s Tony returned to Canada where he studied and worked in the film industry. He worked as a film lab technician in Toronto at Medallion Film Labs ...

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