BirthdayNovember 8, 1885
BirthplaceOsugi Mura, Japan

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  1. About Tomoyuki Yamashita

    Full name: Tomoyuki Yamashita
    Also known as: Tomoyuki Yamashita, Yamashita, Tomoyuki
    Professions: Japanese World War II general

  2. Tomoyuki Yamashita Death information

    Died: Saturday, 23rd of February, 1946 (Age: 60)

  3. Tomoyuki Yamashita Biography

    Tomoyuki Yamashita was born in a rural village on Shikoku island in Japan in 1885, the son of a country doctor. Inspired by his parents, Yamashita enlisted in the Imperial Japanese Army and entered the Hiroshima Military Academy in 1900, graduating in 1908 with full honors. In 1916 he graduated from Staff College as a captain and in 1921 became a ...

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