BirthdayDecember 7, 1997
BirthplaceWest Haven, USA

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  1. About Tommy Nelson

    Full name: Tommy Nelson
    Also known as: Tommy Nelson, Nelson, Tommy
    Professions: American baseball player

  2. Tommy Nelson Known for

    Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Meek's Cutoff (2010), The Good Shepherd (2006), Then She Found Me (2007)

  3. Tommy Nelson Death information

    Died: Monday, 24th of September, 1973 (Age: 24)

  4. Tommy Nelson Biography

    Tom Cousineau Nelson (May 1, 1917 – September 24, 1973) was a Major League Baseball infielder who played for the Boston Braves in 1945. The 28-year-old rookie was a native of Chicago, Illinois.Nelson is one of many ballplayers who only appeared in the major leagues during World War II. He made his major league debut on April 17, 1945 (Opening Day) against the New York Giants at Braves Field. In 40 games he hit .165 (20-for-121) with 6 runs batted in and 6 runs scored, and his fielding percentage in 114 total chances was .904.He died in 1973 in San Diego, California.

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