BirthdayJuly 16, 1926
BirthplaceGeorgetown, Guyana

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  1. About Tommy Eytle

    Full name: Tommy Eytle
    Also known as: Tommy Eytle, Eytle, Tommy
    Professions: Actor, Soundtrack, Composer
    Occupation: Musician

  2. Tommy Eytle Known for

    EastEnders (1985), Bob's Weekend (1996), The Pleasure Lovers (1959), Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (1964)

  3. Tommy Eytle Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 19th of June, 2007 (Age: 80)

  4. Tommy Eytle Biography

    Tommy Daniel Hicks Eytle (16 July 1927 – 19 June 2007) was a Guyanese musician and actor. Although born in Guyana, Eylte's career was based in the United Kingdom, where he lived after emigrating in 1951.Eytle's career began in the 1950s. He initially found success playing African and Caribbean music with his calypso band. He continued to perform musically until the mid-1990s. He had many roles on television, radio, film and stage, but he was most famous for playing the role of Jules Tavernier in the BBC soap opera EastEnders from 1990 to 1997.

  5. Tommy Eytle Family

    Spouse: Avis D'Ornellas

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