BirthdayApril 20, 1971
BirthplaceEngland, UK

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  1. About Tina Cousins

    Full name: Tina Cousins
    Also known as: Tina Cousins, Cousins, Tina
    Professions: English singer-songwriter and former fashion model
    Occupation: Singer, songwriter, model

  2. Tina Cousins Measurements

    Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)

  3. Tina Cousins Known for

    Brit Awards 1999 (1999), Top of the Pops (1964), The Pepsi Chart Show (1998), Mornings with Kerri-Anne (2002)

  4. Tina Cousins Biography

    Born on the 20th April 1971, Tina Cousins was raised in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England. Blonde-haired & hazel-eyed she first found work as a hairdresser/stylist and then made a move into modeling. At the age of 20 she found herself in a Rolling Stone's video. Her career reached a turning point when she replaced a singer in a fashion show. The lady in...

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