BirthdayDecember 5, 1970

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  1. About Tim Hetherington

    Full name: Tim Hetherington
    Also known as: Tim Hetherington, Hetherington, Tim
    Education: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
    Professions: British photojournalist; documentary director

  2. Tim Hetherington Known for

    Restrepo (2010), The Devil Came on Horseback (2007), Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington (2013), Diary (2010)

  3. Tim Hetherington Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 20th of April, 2011 (Age: 40)

  4. Tim Hetherington Biography

    Tim Hetherington was born in Liverpool, UK. He studied literature at Oxford University and later returned to college to study photojournalism. He lives in New York and is a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair magazine. His interest lies in creating diverse forms of visual communication and his work has ranged from multi-screen installations, ...

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