BirthdayNovember 28, 1997

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  1. About Thor Salden

    Full name: Thor Salden
    Also known as: Thor!, Thor Salden, Salden, Thor
    Professions: Belgian child singer

  2. Thor Salden Biography

    Thor Salden (born 28 November 1997, stage name: Thor!) from Schoten was the winning contestant in the Belgian pre-selections of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and he represented Belgium in the international final on 2 December 2006 in Bucharest, Romania where he reached seventh place in a field of fifteen. At the time of the preselections he was the youngest contestant at eight years old. He won both the first semi-final on 17 September 2006 and the final on 1 October 2006. In the opening show he performed together with Attic and Clouseau.His winning song "Een Tocht Door Het Donker" ("A Journey Through The Dark"), produced by Peter Gillis about a walk in the woods with his grandfather, was released as a single on 13 October 2006 and entered several national music charts. Initially the song reached #1 in the Ultratop 50, #2 in Belgium's national download music chart and #8 in the Radio 2 Top 30. After 16 weeks in the Ultratop 50, Thor received a golden record on 30 January 2007 as a result of over 15,000 single sales and legal downloads of the song, making him the youngest Belgian artist to receive this award.One of Thor's dreams is to sing a duet with X!NK who won the Belgian preselections in 2003.

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