BirthdayMarch 12, 1978
BirthplaceNewton, USA

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  1. About Tennyson E. Stead

    Full name: Tennyson E. Stead
    Professions: Producer, Director, Writer

  2. Tennyson E. Stead Measurements

    Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)

  3. Tennyson E. Stead Known for

    The Starmind Record (2011), Quantum Theory, Farther (2009), Man and Machine (2015)

  4. Tennyson E. Stead Biography

    From early youth, Tennyson busied himself with a future in space exploration... until his first real exposure to the sciences, when Master Stead's thorough distaste for mathematics interrupted his otherwise perfect plan to become the first grumpy artist to isolate himself on Mars. Undaunted, he began the long and arduous process of redirecting his...

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