BirthdayMay 0, 1956
BirthplaceKure, Japan

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  1. About Tatsuya Mori

    Full name: Tatsuya Mori
    Also known as: Tatsuya Mori, Mori, Tatsuya
    Professions: Director, Actor, Cinematographer

  2. Tatsuya Mori Known for

    A2 (2001), A (1998), 311 (2011), Nonfix (1989)

  3. Tatsuya Mori Biography

    He was graduated from Rikkyo University in 1980. In his student time, he belongs to students' movie production circle "Rikkyo SPP" and he collaborated with Kiyoshi Kurosawa who is now one of most talented young movie director in Japan. After graduation, he tried to earn his life as actor and appeared in some movies, but finally he abandoned his ...

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