BirthdayAugust 15, 1966
BirthplaceBeira, Mozambique

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  1. About Tasha de Vasconcelos

    Full name: Tasha de Vasconcelos
    Also known as: Tasha de Vasconcelos, Vasconcelos, Tasha, Tasha Vasconcelos
    Professions: Canadian model

  2. Tasha de Vasconcelos Measurements

    Height: 5' 10½" (1.79 m)

  3. Tasha de Vasconcelos Known for

    Johnny English (2003), Murder on the Orient Express (2001), Une suite pour 2 (2008), Dot the I (2003)

  4. Tasha de Vasconcelos Biography

    Tasha de Vasconcelos was born in Beira, Mozambique, with Portuguese ancestry on her father's side and British on her mother's side. Her old European background is very evident in her multilingual diversity and her capacity to interact with different cultures. Due to social unrest in Africa her family moved to Canada, where Tasha went on to study ...

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