BirthdayDecember 0, 1927

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  1. About Tarzan Tyler

    Full name: Tarzan Tyler
    Also known as: The Boot, Camille Tourville, Tarzan Tyler, Tarzan Tourville, La Bottine, Tourville, Camille
    Professions: Canadian professional wrestler

  2. Tarzan Tyler Measurements

    Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
    Weight: 122.47

  3. Tarzan Tyler Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 24th of December, 1985 (Age: 59)

  4. Tarzan Tyler Biography

    Camille Tourville (1927-December 24, 1985) was a Canadian professional wrestler and manager, better known by his ring name, Tarzan Tyler. He was one-half of the first WWWF World Tag Team Champions, along with Luke Graham.

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