BirthdayAugust 16, 1967

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  1. About Tanya Franks

    Full name: Tanya Franks
    Also known as: Tanya Franks, Franks, Tanya
    Professions: English actress,writer and producer
    Occupation: Actress, writer, producer

  2. Tanya Franks Known for

    Family Affairs (1997), EastEnders (1985), Liz & Dick (2012), Hotel Trubble (2008)

  3. Tanya Franks Biography

    Tanya Christine Franks is an English actress, writer and producer, who is most known for starring roles on television in Family Affairs, The Bill, Pulling and the role of Rainie Cross in EastEnders. Franks is also the founder of Stock-pot Productions, a theatre and media production company. She returned to EastEnders in 2011 as a regular, but later departed and made a surprise return to the show in 2014.

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