BirthdayOctober 23, 1934

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  1. About Tamar Simon Hoffs

    Full name: Tamar Simon Hoffs
    Also known as: Tamar Simon Hoffs, Hoffs, Tamar Simon
    Professions: American film director, producer and writer
    Occupation: Director, producer, screenwriter

  2. Tamar Simon Hoffs Known for

    Red Roses and Petrol (2003), The Allnighter (1987), Pound of Flesh (2010), Stony Island (1978)

  3. Tamar Simon Hoffs Biography

    Tamar Simon Hoffs (born Tamar Ruth Simon; October 23, 1934) is an American film director, writer, and producer, best known for directing the indie films Red Roses and Petrol (2003) and Pound of Flesh (2009), both starring Malcolm McDowell.

  4. Tamar Simon Hoffs Family

    Spouse: Joshua Allen Hoffs, MD
    Childrens: Jesse Hoffs, John Hoffs

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