BirthdayDecember 21, 1929

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  1. About Takhir Sabirov

    Full name: Takhir Sabirov
    Also known as: Takhir Sabirov, Sabirov, Takhir
    Professions: Tajikistani film director
    Occupation: Film director, actor, screenwriter, producer

  2. Takhir Sabirov Death information

    Died: Thursday, 30th of May, 2002 (Age: 72)

  3. Takhir Sabirov Biography

    Takhir Sabirov (Russian: ????? ???????) (born December 21, 1929 in Stalinabad (SSR) now Dushanbe, Tajikistan) is a renowned Tajik film director, actor, screenwriter, art director, and one of most notable figures of the Tajik cinema. He is known as the "founding father" of the One Thousand and One Nights dynasty of the film industry due to his creation of the 'Scheherazade' trilogy.He is also known by his formal name Takhir Mukhtorovich Sabirov. His mother Mastona Sobir Zoda was the daughter of Duke Sobir-kaloni Tura-zoda of Samarkand (now part of the Samarqand Province, Uzbekistan), from the Duchy of Greater Khorasan, known as Tura-zoda, who were eminent members of Central Asia's Aristocracy. Takhir was the youngest of five children. He was married twice and has two sons and three daughters.He completed the Performing Arts discipline at the Tashkent State Art Institute of Theatrical Arts in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In 1951, he then continued further by obtaining his Directorial discipline under faculty of Yuri Zavadsky at The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow, Russia.His first film, "Roh" (1955) (Russian title: ??????) produced by Mosfilm initiated him into the film industry, but the role of Yodgor in "Dokhunda" (1956) sparked his career and was followed by several successful roles. His directorial debut was in "Vaqti zangirii pisar rasid" (Russian title: "Sinu para jinitsa", 1959), which was the first comedy musical motion picture in the Cinema of Tajikistan. With his films he introduced the Tajik film industry onto international scenebasis with his nomination in International film festivals. His film "Margi Sudkhur" (Russian title: "Smert' Rostovshika", 1966) was nominated at the International Film Festival of Asia and Africa in 1968.His trilogy of "New Tales of Scheherazade", "Another Night of Scheherazade" and "Last Night of Scheherazade" that were based on the Arabic folktale One Thousand and One Nights had made a great impact in the Cinema of Tajikistan by opening it to European audiences and borders. The Scheherazade trilogies were among one of the first Tajik film productions that achieved distribution beyond Russian (former USSR) borders, placing Tajik film on the map of International Film Festivals. Not only has he directed and co-written the Scheherazade trilogies, but also starred as King Shahryar (Sultan); which coincidentally is more true to his own lineage of royalty. He became a cultural icon gaining more acknowledgement and respect.Regardless of the obstacles he had faced in his lifetime, he never stopped filming. He is known in the Tajik film industry as one of the major film directors of his time. He broadened his entertainment field as he established entrepreneurial joint venture "Movarounnahr Joint Venture" as an Art Director. Although he was involved in many fields of the film industry, he always had time to instruct and inspire students and apprentices.In 1999, he was part of the judgi

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