BirthdayDecember 0, 1958

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  1. About Sylvestra Le Touzel

    Full name: Sylvestra Le Touzel
    Also known as: Sylvestra Le Touzel, Touzel, Sylvestra Le
    Professions: British television, film and stage actress

  2. Sylvestra Le Touzel Known for

    Cloud Atlas (2012), The Iron Lady (2011), Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), Amazing Grace (2006)

  3. Sylvestra Le Touzel Biography

    Sylvestra was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and raised in West London. She showed an interest in acting at an early age, enrolling at a Stage School. Subsequent television roles followed, including as Fanny Price in a 1983 adaptation of Mansfield Park (1983), though, in cult television terms, this was eclipsed by a commercial, still long ...

  4. Sylvestra Le Touzel Family

    Spouse: Owen Teale

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