BirthdayMarch 15, 1902
BirthplaceShibuya, Japan

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  1. About Sumiko Kurishima

    Full name: Sumiko Kurishima
    Also known as: Sumiko Kurishima, Kurishima, Sumiko, 栗島すみ子
    Professions: Japanese actor

  2. Sumiko Kurishima Death information

    Died: Sunday, 16th of August, 1987 (Age: 85)

  3. Sumiko Kurishima Biography

    As the first female Japanese film star, Kurishima's pioneering contributions to Japanese film cannot be overlooked. In 1921, she joined Shochiku Kamata Studios and made her debut in Henry Kotani's Bijinso. Her 1923 Sendo Kouta became a big hit and she was dubbed the "Queen of Kamata." She eventually married longtime leading man Yoshinobu Ikeda. In...

  4. Sumiko Kurishima Family

    Spouse: Yoshinobu Ikeda

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