BirthdayOctober 18, 1953
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois

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  1. About Stephen Sayadian

    Full name: Stephen Sayadian
    Also known as: Stephen Sayadian, Sayadian, Stephen
    Professions: Production Designer, Director, Writer

  2. Stephen Sayadian Measurements

    Height: 6' (1.83 m)

  3. Stephen Sayadian Known for

    Dr. Caligari (1989), Café Flesh (1982), Silk Stalkings (1991), Nightdreams (1981)

  4. Stephen Sayadian Biography

    Stephen Sayadian, also known as Rinse Dream is a writer, production-designer and director active in the 1980s and 1990s.He began his career as a Creative Director for Larry Flynt Publications. He's co-written, designed and directed the motion-pictures Nightdreams (part 1,2,3), Cafe Flesh, Party Doll a-Go-Go and Dr. Caligari, a semi-sequel to the 1919 film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The film premiered as an opening night selection (Midnight Madness) at the Toronto Film Festival. In addition to film and videos, he's designed and directed for network television, MTV and the stage. As a print art director he's collaborated on numerous motion-picture one-sheets including films by Brian De Palma, John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper. His print work has appeared in many publications including Zoom.

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