BirthdaySeptember 29, 1961

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  1. About Stephanie Miller

    Full name: Stephanie Miller
    Also known as: Stephanie Miller, Miller, Stephanie, Stephanie Miller
    Professions: American comedian and political commentator
    Nationality: American

  2. Stephanie Miller Measurements

    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

  3. Stephanie Miller Known for

    I've Got a Secret (2000), Show Me the Funny (1998), View from the Top (2003), Just Write (1997)

  4. Stephanie Miller Biography

    Stephanie Catherine Miller (born September 29, 1961) is an American political commentator, comedian and host of The Stephanie Miller Show, a liberal talk radio program produced in Los Angeles and syndicated nationally by Dial Global. In 2012, Talkers magazine ranked her the 11th most important radio talk show host in America.

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