BirthdayAugust 5, 1968

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  1. About Stephanie Flanders

    Full name: Stephanie Flanders
    Also known as: Stephanie Flanders, Flanders, Stephanie
    Professions: British journalist
    Work: Economics Editor: BBC Newsnight
    Occupation: Chief Market Strategist, presenter

  2. Stephanie Flanders Biography

    Stephanie Hope Flanders (born 5 August 1968) is a British former broadcast journalist who was the BBC economics editor for five years. In November 2013 she left the BBC for a role as J.P. Morgan Asset Management's chief market strategist for the UK and Europe. She is the daughter of British actor and comic singer Michael Flanders and Claudia Cockburn.

  3. Stephanie Flanders Family

    Parents: Michael Flanders and Claudia Cockburn

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