BirthdayApril 19, 1984
BirthplaceKuching, Malaysia

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  1. About Steph Song

    Full name: Steph Song
    Also known as: Steph Song, Song, Steph
    Professions: Australian actor

  2. Steph Song Known for

    War (2007), Everything's Gone Green (2006), Dragon Boys (2007), The Thaw (2009)

  3. Steph Song Biography

    Voted as the "#1 Sexiest Woman in the World 2006" by FHM readers in Asia, and one of the "10 People in Entertainment to Look Out For" in Canada 2006 by Playback, Steph Song also has degrees in Nursing and Journalism. She started as a television host for National Geographic's EarthPulse (2001) and her Asian sitcom Achar! (2004) made her a star in ...

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