BirthdayMarch 29, 1991
BirthplaceSeattle, USA

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  1. About Stef Prescott

    Full name: Stef Prescott
    Also known as: Stef Prescott, Prescott, Stef
    Professions: Filipino actor
    Occupation: Actress, teen star, model

  2. Stef Prescott Biography

    Stefany Marisa Quintos Prescott (born March 29, 1991), better known by her screen name Stef Prescott, is an American and Filipino actress. She was an avenger from StarStruck: The Next Level and was known to be the most controversial of the batch because of her attitude. She was competing for the title of Ultimate Sweetheart which was later won by Jewel Mische. She was the representative of the Philippines on Miss Internet World Pageant but failed to get the crown that once belonged to Carlene Aguilar.

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