BirthdayJune 26, 1937

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  1. About Sombat Metanee

    Full name: Sombat Metanee
    Also known as: Sombat Metanee, Metanee, Sombat
    Professions: Thai actor and director

  2. Sombat Metanee Known for

    Tears of the Black Tiger (2000), Killer Elephants (1976), Poo Lom (1977), Chok-Dee (2005)

  3. Sombat Metanee Biography

    Sombat Matanee was a legendary Thai singer, movie idol and director of the 1960-70s with over 2,000 film credits and 200 song credits. Matanee was elected to the Thai senate for a 6 year term by popular vote in April 19, 2006 only to have his term cut short by the Military coupe in Thailand the same year.

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