BirthdaySeptember 29, 1973
BirthplaceVictoria, Canada

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  1. About Shannon Larratt

    Full name: Shannon Larratt
    Also known as: Shannon Larratt, Larratt, Shannon
    Professions: Editor, publisher, writer

  2. Shannon Larratt Death information

    Died: Friday, 15th of March, 2013 (Age: 39)

  3. Shannon Larratt Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesShannon Larratt (September 29, 1973 – March 15, 2013) was the creator, former editor and publisher of BMEzine, an online magazine noted for coverage of extreme body modifications. He published several books, including ModCon: The Secret World Of Extreme Body Modification. He was also an artist, computer programmer, film producer and business owner.

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