BirthdayJune 16, 1969
BirthplaceLondon, UK

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  1. About Shami Chakrabarti

    Full name: Shami Chakrabarti
    Also known as: Shami Chakrabarti, Chakrabarti, Shami
    Education: London School of Economics
    Professions: Lawyer, Director of Liberty
    Work: Chancellor of the University of Essex
    Occupation: Lawyer, Director of Liberty

  2. Shami Chakrabarti Known for

    If I Were Prime Minister (2005), Taking Liberties (2007), Question Time (1979), Yes, Prime Minister: Re-elected (2013)

  3. Shami Chakrabarti Biography

    Sharmishta Chakrabarti CBE (born 16 June 1969) is, since September 2003, the director of Liberty, the British civil liberties advocacy organisation and, since July 2008, the Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University. In September 2014, she took up the role as Chancellor of the University of Essex.

  4. Shami Chakrabarti Family

    Spouse: Martyn Hopper -

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