BirthdayJune 17, 1920
BirthplaceYokohama, Japan

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  1. About Setsuko Hara

    Full name: Setsuko Hara
    Also known as: Setsuko Hara, Hara, Setsuko
    Professions: Film actress
    Nationality: Japanese
    Work: Awards
    Occupation: Actress

  2. Setsuko Hara Measurements

    Height: 5' 4ΒΌ" (1.63 m)

  3. Setsuko Hara Known for

    Tokyo Story (1953), Early Summer (1951), Late Spring (1949), Late Autumn (1960)

  4. Setsuko Hara Biography

    Setsuko Hara became one of Japan's best-loved stars over her 30-year film career. Her signature character type, variations on a daughter devoted to her parents and home, inspired the nickname that stayed with her until retirement: the Eternal Virgin. To some extent, reality mirrored her roles in these films. In a society that considers marriage ...

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